In this era of fashion and styling, the competition to look the best is increasing day by day. Women’s fashion brands are introducing new trends and designs of clothes, footwear, and accessories now and then. It becomes very difficult to move in this world if you are not updated with the latest trends and designs in the market. The second important thing to consider is the use of suitable accessories. Styling is way more than just buying clothes and matching footwear. The game of accessories makes the outfits worth standing out because, in the end, the whole impression of personality matters the most. Among all other accessories jewelry and handbags for girls are the most essential ones.

Handbags are a fashion staple because they impart a composed and decent image of your persona. However, your handbag must be according to the type of occasion and the dress you will wear. For instance, a college trip or a day out with a friend goes well with a cross-body bag. A wedding or a dressy event like some sort of party next door demands a clutch matching your attire. Similarly, a long-strap bag can do justice to the event if you are going to an office or an official gathering. In the case of shopping or traveling, a travel bag or a shoulder bag is a good choice. For university or college, backpacks or shoulder handbags for girls are the most feasible option to rely on. In addition to the plain bags, printed and multicolored bags are also a good option when it comes to informal functions.

So to select a handbag, you must first check its feasibility with the occasion. Secondly, if you are a person who prefers a single bag for daily use, the best option is to go for the colors that match every attire. Instead of bold and bright colors, you can go with browns, blacks, and greys. These kinds of colors fit in with almost any theme of the outfit. We can’t buy a new bag for every event but we can find some good quality bags that are not only durable but also pocket friendly.  Here is a list of the top 5 Must-have handbags for girls. Find a bag from each category to add to your bag collection so that you can fit them in all events. Check them out at the latest collection of ladies’ handbags online at La Mosaik and you will love them.

1- Formal Small Handbags for Girls

You can’t carry a large handbag or a small purse to a formal gathering. Because the choice of your handbag defines your fashion sense. Formal bags are medium in size and have a greater variety of colors. La Mosaik brings an entire range of formal and semi-formal handbags for girls online. This red side bag is a good option to style if you are going out with friends or going to attend a formal gathering. This bag is made of Rexine material. It has a fixed golden chain and a metallic twist lock on the front. It is a single-compartment bag with a single pocket inside. The neat thread detailing and quality of the bag is enough to upgrade your outfit to the next level. This bag is available online at La Mosaik.

Red handbag

This bag is another formal wear handbag made up of Rexene. It has a removable long strap and a single compartment. It can easily carry your essentials like a phone, wallet, charger, keys, etc. Check it out and place your order now.


2- Party-wear clutches

Weddings and parties are incomplete without some chic clutches. A matching clutch can do wonders for your outfits. You can check out the latest collection of clutches and luxury handbags for girls online at La Mosaik. Here is a beautiful green clutch design on the royal fabric. This velvet clutch is embellished with golden butterfly motifs that enhance its beauty. This single-compartment clutch is perfect to carry your phone, credit cards, keys, etc. This bag is available in other colors as well. You can find the one matching your attire.

Green Clutch

3- Printed handbags for girls

If you are tired of plain bags, printed handbags are your go-to bags. They provide a colorful variation to the usual handbags. These bags look trendier and are good to go with formal and informal dressing. La Mosaik has a beautiful collection of printed bags. These bags are made of printed jacquard with synthetic leather. There are a variety of prints available in these bags. The most popular prints include floral designs, geometric patterns, and a fusion of both. Get your hands on the latest printed handbags online at reasonable prices.

Printed Handbag

4- Cross-body bags

Cross-body handbags for girls are the ones with a long strap and a small bag. Depending on the type of event and the number of your essentials, you can select your cross-body bags for girls. These bags are most common in teenage girls. If you are going hiking, on a school trip, or a day out with your fellows, this type of bag is good to go. These are easy to carry and lightweight. La Mosaik has a wide range of cross-body bags for you. This catalog comprises printed cross-body bags for girls.

Cross-body bag

5- Tote bags

Tote bags are forever in fashion due to their versatility. You can carry these bags almost anywhere anytime. These bags are available in different materials, like leather, Rexene, Jacquard, and many others. You can carry them while traveling and shopping etc. For the latest designs and colors of tote bags, visit your virtual store La Mosaik and check out the latest catalog. The quality of these bags will never disappoint you. The fabric of these bags is long-lasting and durable and doesn’t catch stains easily. These bags are easy to maintain and clean. In addition to this, these handbags for girls are available in almost every color. The metallic locks and chains are polished neatly to make them rust-free. Place your order now and get your bags now.  

 Black and Grey Tote bags