Lawn earns the highest repute of being the most comfortable and soft fabric due to its versatile nature. It is highly breathable and easy to carry. All of us are fond of wearing pretty prints and bright summer lawn dresses in the hot weather. However, your dream of wearing bright and subtle lawn dresses can turn into a scary nightmare if you do not take care of these clothes. They can age or lose their color in less time than expected.

Moreover, summer lawn dresses are susceptible to stains more easily than other fabrics. None of us want our expensive and luxury lawn dresses to ruin and lose their grace in just one or two-time use. Here are some tips that might be useful for you while handling your summer clothes. Try out these amazing and effective tips to make your lawn dresses last longer than usual.

1- Check Labels Before Handling your Summer Lawn Dresses

Every fabric is made up of different types of fibers. That is why all fabrics need different ways to wash, iron, and dry them. Each of them has a specific set of instructions mentioned on the label. You must check out these instructions before handling the fabric. Delicate fabrics such as lawn and cotton have some special instructions to treat them. Whenever you buy summer lawn dresses do not forget to check out the instructions on the care labels. They include the recommended washing temperatures, the type of detergents, and other important details regarding the fabric. The label also has a set of instructions related to ironing and dry cleaning the fabric. You must follow these instructions in order to avoid your lawn dresses from early aging and wearing out early.

2- Careful Washing and Stain Removal

Lawn clothes are delicate and they require ample care while washing. They require cold or room temperature of water to wash them. In addition to this, use mild detergents to wash them. This prevents the fabric from chemical damage. Avoid using chemicals like fabric softeners and bleach. These can weaken the fibers making the fabric lose its elasticity. This can also cause discoloration of the summer lawn dresses. If you want to remove some stubborn stains, you can spot-treat them. If you accidentally get a stain on your lawn clothes, the best way is to treat it immediately. Use a stain remover to wash it off. Otherwise, you can use a 50 v/v solution of vinegar and water to remove the stain.

You can also keep the colors of your summer lawn dresses vibrant and graceful. While washing put a cup of white vinegar into the washing mixture. You can set the colors this way and make them last longer. Also, avoid washing colored clothes with white lawn fabric as the color bleeding of those clothes can ruin the white fabric. Overwashing the fabric can also lead to the loss of its elastic nature. Wash when needed to avoid excess contact with detergents.

3- Dry in a Shade at a Low Temperature

Dry delicate fabrics in shade instead of direct sunlight or heat. Sunlight can also damage the fabric. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays. These rays decompose the actual dye molecules of the fabric. That is why long exposure to sunlight causes them to lose their color eventually. As a result, your clothes turn rough and less attractive.

The best way to dry summer lawn dresses is to hang them in the shade and let them air dry. You can air dry them indoors as well instead of in sunlight. The use of dryers can also damage your clothes because dryers use high temperatures to dry them. Fabrics shrink at high temperatures and it damages fibers. So, if you want to prevent your lawn dresses from fading and losing their grace, dry them carefully.

4- Iron Carefully to Prevent Damage of Fibers

As mentioned above that your summer lawn dresses cannot tolerate high temperatures, so you must take care of them while ironing. Avoid the use of high temperatures while pressing them to prevent the burning of fibers. Use low settings on the iron. Otherwise, you can prevent your clothes from heat damage by using pressing clothing. Pressing cloth balances the amount of heat that reaches the fabric. This also prevents direct contact of fabric with the iron. Steam pressing also requires high temperatures that ruin the textures of your clothes. It can also result in bizarre water spots on your lawn dress.

5- Store your Summer Lawn Dresses Properly

Last but not least is the storage of your summer lawn dresses. After drying and pressing your clothes, you must hang them properly to prevent them from getting wrinkles or stains. Do not use wire hangers to avoid marks on your dresses. Instead, use broad hangers like wooden hangers or padded hangers to hang your clothes. Store your lawn clothes in cool dry places. This prevents them from getting in touch with moisture and forming molds.

Do not store them in plastic bags because this can trap moisture in them. The use of cedar chips and mothballs can save your dresses from pests. In addition to all these tips, be careful while wearing your clothes or handling them. As summer lawn dresses are delicate and can tear easily. Keep them away from sharp objects such as jewelry or other accessories.

These tips can save your summer lawn dresses for a longer time. You can rock in them for more than one season. One pro tip is to buy your lawn dresses from some good quality brands. Because they deliver premium quality fabric. Their dyed fabric also last longs and doesn’t get faded easily. The quality of fibers is also up to the mark. The plus point is their updated and innovative designs and prints. Don’t forget to check out the latest collection of appealing and trending summer lawn dresses of this season online at your own fashion store, La Mosaik.