Out of all the other events of a wedding, Nikkah is the most significant ceremony. It is the beginning of a new chapter of life and an official start of a lifelong journey. It holds sentiments of love and commitment. Due to the importance of Nikkah Day, every girl wants to make it memorable and remarkable. Starting from the floral decorations to the food and mehndi, special care is taken to maintain everything. But the most important part is the nikkah dress. As a bride, it becomes very difficult to choose one dress for your big day. This is because you have a lot of options and designs to choose from. In a country like Pakistan, where traditions and culture are a part of fashion, there are multiple things to consider while selecting a dress. Here is a guide to choosing the perfect nikkah dress for your wedding ceremony.

1- Set a Budget

The first and foremost thing is to set your budget. Because before stepping into the world of nikkah dresses, you must know how much you can invest in your nikkah outfits. Instead of setting an exact amount choose a range that can help you while buying your dress. This will lend you a hand to filter your choice according to your budget. Also, keep in mind that your nikkah outfit doesn’t need to be too expensive to be beautiful. There are a lot of brands and places where you can find pretty nikkah dresses according to your personal choice and top trending designs. These dresses include maxis and the Sharara style dresses.

2- Find Inspiration

Now that you have decided to buy yourself a pretty nikkah dress, don’t rush to malls before finding inspiration. Explore the internet, and check out what is trending top these days. Then check out the celebrity nikkah outfit ideas. Also, have a think tank about your personal choice and style. If you are somebody who loves to embrace the culture, make a list of Pakistani nikkah attires in your mind. Explore some of the latest designs of Nikkah outfits that are designed on cultural trends. Traditional Pakistani wedding dresses are heavily embroidered and have extensive attention to detail.

If you are somebody who is not much aesthetic but is fond of modish and trendy outfits, check out some out-of-the-box ideas on Instagram, and Pinterest.  Browse your personal preferences for nikkah dresses on various wedding blogs and magazines. Save some pictures to show your designers so that they can resonate with what you want on your big day. These things will help you narrow down your options.

In addition to considering the design also finalize your color choice. Make a list of two or three colors at least that complement well with your nikkah day decorations. Also, keep in mind the type of fabrics and silhouettes that you want to adore. Don’t forget that your personal choice lies above all. Choose what suits you the most instead of choosing what attracts you. Because at the end of the day, your dress can make your presence appealing or can ruin your day by not synchronizing with your personality!

3- Pay Attention to Details

The details of your nikkah dress matter a lot when it comes to the final look of your attire. Focus on minute details such as the threadwork, use of beads and mirrors, or other motifs. Pay ample attention to the detailing on embellishments. Make sure that your embroidery is neat and clean. Also, the color of laces, beads, and other adornments must complement or match your nikkah dress otherwise it won’t look appealing.

Work out on your sleeves, neckline, and borders. Before pairing your nikkah outfit with some matching jewelry, check out the type of jewelry it needs. If your neckline is heavily embroidered, go for a delicate and light necklace. However, if your dress has a plain neckline with not so much detailing on it, choose a heavy choker set or a Mala set. Don’t use a Mala on your heavily embroidered neckline because it will fade away the essence of your adorable nikkah dress.

4- Consider the Venue and Season

Another important thing to consider while selecting your nikkah dress is the choice of colors and fabric. Before you select your final attire, make sure it goes well with the overall wedding decorations and the ambiance. Otherwise, the dress may look ordinary and not so noticeable at the gathering. Make sure to reflect your personal style in a unique. This will help you stand out gracefully among all as a bride. In the summer season, you can’t really go with much heavier dresses or cozy fabrics. Go for lightweight and breathable fabrics that are smooth and comfortable to wear. For winter you can select velvet and heavy silk dresses. Experiment with different volumes of cancan to finalize your look on your bug day.

5- Get Proper Measurements

Last but not least is to make sure that your nikkah dress fits in well. It should not be too loose or too tight. Get your proper measurements before your order to stitch your attire. Because no matter how expensive or how beautiful your dress is, it can ruin your whole day if not stitched properly. Focus on your body shape and then choose the relevant cuts and designs. Check out what you can do to enhance the design of your dress on your persona. Always remember that comfort is the key. This is because if you are not comfortable in your dress, you might end up doing.

Heavy Embellished Nikkah Dress

Don’t Forget to Accessorize your Nikkah Dress

Pair up matching accessories with your nikkah outfit. Pretty flowers, jewelry, and a luxury clutch will complete the final look. After you are done selecting your nikkah ensemble, don’t forget to enjoy your big day as it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. For the latest designs of Nikkah dresses, visit the most popular designs of this year at La Mosaik online and shop now.