In the present era, competing in the fashion world has become very difficult yet easy at the same time. It has easy because fashion is accessible to all of us now due to social media and it is difficult because everybody wants to look different and unique. To solve this problem, top clothing brands in Pakistan are burning their midnight oil to craft a huge variety of exceptional designs that are original and worth trend-setting. These brands not only aim to provide diversity but also to add elegance and sophistication to modern-day fashion. These brands have gained massive applause from Pakistani as well as international audiences and now they are famous worldwide representing Pakistan.

Now and then these clothing brands in Pakistan introduce novel seasonal and luxury collections. In addition to the fabrics that are the demand of ongoing seasons, these brands simultaneously work to update their luxury collection. Not only do we have a rich collection of casual and formal wear brands but also we have the top fancy and wedding wear brands in Pakistan. These wedding wear brands provide every type of traditional and cultural design in Pakistan and Asia.

Whether you want to give a royal Mughal look or a princess look on your final day, you can count on these brands. Popular Pakistani clothing brands in Pakistan such as Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, Qasim Yaqoob, Akbar Aslam, and Emaan Adeel are a few names that are on top of all other brands. These brands represent Pakistani culture and designs across the cross and keep on renovating their designs now and then to bring innovation.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan

It becomes very difficult to choose when you have such a massive collection of brands and you get perplexed so easily. So here are the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan that are a forever go-to place for the latest fashion. Have a look at the catalogs of these top brands. Among these brands are the top trending names that offer causal, semi-formal formal, luxury, and bridal wear for ladies. Let us have a brief overview of these brands so that next time whenever you think of shopping and updating your wardrobe, you know where to go.

  • Sana Safinaz
  • Zellbury
  • Limelight
  • Sapphire
  • Khaadi
  • Cross-stich
  • Alkaram studio
  • Garnet
  • Emaan Adeel
  • Rang Rasiya
  • Eshaal Adina
  • Akbar Aslam
  • Maria B.
  • My begum
  • Sifona
  • Qasim Yaqoob
  • Panache Apparel
  • Chilgozay
  • Fashion Porters
  • Shahbano

1- Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is one of the most popular luxury clothing brands in Pakistan. This elegant brand was established by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer. They offer a wide variety of clothing options for women. Their collection features pret wear, Formal and semi-formal wear, and Bridal wear. All their designs comprise intricate detailing and craftsmanship. This brand is not only famous in Pakistan but also has gained popularity around the world. Their designs are showcased by national and international celebrities. Other than the amazing dresses, they provide accessories such as bags and jewelry to compliment the exciting dresses of this clothing brand in Pakistan.

Sana Safinaz Dresses

2- Zellbury

    Zellbury is a well-known Pakistani clothing brand that offers exquisite designs of summer and winter apparel online and in stores. This brand was established in 2016 and earned great repute in just a short period due to the quality and designs it delivers. The best part about Zellbury is that their collection of summer and winter fabrics is up-to-date and highly affordable. Every year they launch a new collection that not only meets the expectations of the customers but also comprises a huge variety of new color combinations.

    Zellbury Lawn Dresses

    3- Limelight

      Limelight is a sophisticated clothing brand in Pakistan that brings an exciting fabric collection every season. The specialty of the limelight is that it is accessible to all and provides elegance in every attire that you buy. Hypnotizing combinations of colors, designs, and prints is what it offers. Limelight never fails to bring something new every time in its collection. Their Eid collection comprises luxury outfits. In addition to the unstitched dress, limelight offers a wide collection of Eastern and Western stitched cuts and designs. You can check out the latest.

      Limilight Clothing Brand Purple Dress

      4- Sapphire

        Established in 2014, sapphire has become a heartthrob of Pakistani women. It has gained exponential popularity for its trendy designs and contemporary prints. The idea to bring innovation to the summer and winter designs has turned out to be amazing. It has resulted in the vast assemblage of what we see today in the catalog of Sapphire. Its catalog is full of sensational fabric starting from casual wear to pret wear, formal to luxury wear, and seasonal collections such as khaddar, chiffon, and lawn.

        Due to the quality of its designs, sapphire has become a popular clothing brand for women in no time and started shipping its products worldwide with many stores in other countries as well. You can explore

        Sapphire 3 Piece Dress

        5- Khaadi

          Launched in 1998, Khaadi has become a renowned clothing brand in Pakistan today. It brings traditional and contemporary fashion for women, kids, and men. The catalog of Khaadi is flooded with captivating unstitched fabrics, ready-to-wear garments, home textiles, and accessories. The best quality of this brand is that they provide unique hand-woven and handcrafted stuff.

          This clothing brand in Pakistan is seen highlighting the cultural heritage by inculcating vibrant colors and rich hue combinations most stylishly. Khaadi is accessible in Pakistan, UAE, the UK, and other countries around the globe. Check out the latest volumes of Khaadi online and in stores now.

          Khaadi Parrot Green Dress

          6- Cross stitch

          Cross Stitch is another clothing brand in Pakistan famous for its premium quality fabrics. It was founded in 2000. It has gained hype for the production of unique and intricate embroidered designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and attention to detail. It offers a range of stitched and unstitched fabrics for women. It is particularly famous for its embroidered fabrics that feature Pakistani culture and traditions.

          Geometric shapes, appealing floral prints, and intricate thread work what cross stitch specializes in. It also offers a range of accessories such as Dupattas, stoles, and Scarves. It is also accessible in Pakistan and other countries. Check their most recent designs online and get yours.

          Cross Stitch Chikankari Dress

          7- Alkaram studio

          Alkaram Studio was established in 1986. It has been there when there were just a few brands to witness the fashion revolution occurring in Pakistan. Since then it has been working day and night to not only update the fashion trends but also to preserve the cultural and traditional Pakistani designs in the fashion market. Fashionistas love to adore the breathtaking casuals and formal designs presented by Alkaram Studio. It launches multiple summer and winter collections every year along with formal and luxury dresses. So you can find your favorite dresses for casual and dressy occasions at Alkaram Studio.

          Al Karam Orange Unstitched Dress

          8- Maria.B

          Who in Pakistan is not a fan of Maria B.? She holds a significant place in the fashion world. Her brand is one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. Maria B. specializes in crafting unique amalgams of traditional and modish designs on different fabrics. Intricate embellishments, innovative designs, catchy colors, and delicate embroidery is part of its collection. It features the excellence of soothing floral and geometric prints and contemporary designs. Her luxurious collection is famous all over the world as it brings style and perfection to any wardrobe. That is why you see Celebrities rocking in the Maria B. collection. She has got everything under one roof. Be it casual or formal dresses or bridal and pret wear, you can count on her designs.

          Maria.B Basics

          9- My Begum

          My Begum is a recently launched clothing brand in Pakistan that offers a variety of two-piece attires. The collection is based on trendy cuts of co-ord sets. Starting from the plain monochromatic designs to the multicolored prints there is almost every type of color combination in the catalog. My begum presents the most appealing floral and geometric prints. Whether you want a Western co-ord set or an Eastern design, you can order it online at My begum.

          Currently, this brand is providing its services online and supplying premium quality designs online. So what are you waiting for? Just have a quick trip of the recent designs launched by this unique clothing brand in Pakistan and get your hands on your favorite co-ord sets this season.

          My Begum Co-Ord Set

          10- Garnet

          Garnet as the name indicates is a precious collection ready to wear formal and luxury outfits. Although these designs are bot bit expensive, they are worth it. The Pret collection of this brand is laudable. It covers an entire series of soft hues paired with ethnic [prints and catchy embroidery. Organza patches, net laces, and various other embellishments upgrade these outfits to make them noticeable. If you are planning to attend a dressy occasion shortly, just get a pretty readymade garnet ensemble and leave an everlasting yet graceful impression of your personality wherever you go. Visit the brand online to place your order.

          Garnet Pret

          11- Emaan Adeel

          Emaan Adeel is another name in the fashion industry known for its luxury bridal attires. This top-of-the-line clothing brand strives to astound the audience with gorgeous designs that you can adore at the wedding. The wedding catalog is based on impressive designs that incorporate premium quality fabrics and rich embellishments. The exceptional artwork and use of complementary colors make the dresses stand out among the rest. Make your special day memorable and way more special by adoring the matchless wedding dresses by Emaan Adeel. You can have a look at the latest outfits of this clothing brand in Pakistan online before you visit the store.

          Emaan Adeel Wedding Wear in Pink

          12- Akbar Aslam

          Akbar Aslam is another luxury ladies’ clothing brand in Pakistan that aims to provide last-minute solutions for your weddings. From traditional Pakistani wedding dresses to modern celebrity-inspired looks, Akbar Aslam never fails to bring something new. It has a unique collection of ghararas, shararas, lehnga, and bridal maxi dresses. The most amazing thing about this brand is the inculcation of Pakistani culture in its products. In addition to the traditional Pakistani designs, this brand offers a wide range of Asian designs. Akbar Aslam also brings a formal dressing range. The catalog is furnished with pretty designs of kurta-style cuts paired with trousers, straight pants, and palazzo designs. Check out the entire catalog online before you think of adding some new outfits to your closet.

          Akbar Aslam Formal Wear

          13- Eshaal Adina

          Eshaal Adina is all about those fabulous multicolored prints that present Sindhi and Punjabi culture. These prints are based on intricate floral, geometric, and digital prints. Eshaal Adina is a renowned clothing brand in Pakistan that offers promising designs of 3 pc suits. This brand offers seasonal collections that include casual as well as formal dresses at affordable prices. It is easily accessible to everyone across the country. So what are you waiting for? Just have a quick overview of the latest prints and make your fashion comfortable and ethnic. Place your order now.

          Eshaal Adina 2 Piece Unstitched

          14- Chilgozay

          Chilgozay is a Pakistani clothing brand that brings promising solutions to all those fashion freaks that love to adore trendy Western cuts. It has a vast collection of printed skirts that portray a trendy look to your persona. The use of vibrant colors and trendy cuts is the top-notch of this brand. Don’t forget to check them out when buying your dresses for parties, trios, hiking, and other occasions. You can accessorize these outfits with some delicate jewelry and shoes to impart a Pakistani look.

          Chilgozay 2 Piece Dress

          15- Sifona

          Sifona is another clothing brand that you can count on for casual and formal dresses. It presents the most contemporary designs of seasonal and luxurious fabrics. The specialty of this brand is that it provides a perfect mix and match of Eastern traditions and Western trends. In addition to this, it also offers a huge range of colors including soft and subtle to vibrant and bold shades. Check out the most in-demand designs of Sifona online and in stores now. Place your order to get your outfits at your doorstep.

          Sifona Velvet Dress

          16- Qasim Yaqoob

          Qasim Yaqoob is a famous name in the Pakistani fashion industry. Qasim Yaqoob is known for its highly demanded-cuts and styles. This brand offers stitched and unstitched collection of lawn, khaddar, chiffon, silk, viscose, and other fabrics. Whether you are looking for digital prints or geometric ones, this brand has got everything.

          From trendy cuts to traditional designs, the catalog is full of multiple color combinations. The most popular designs of Qasim Yaqoob are their trendy skirt and maxi designs. The maxi catalog is based on stylish cuts such as the bohemian maxi. Explore the entire skirt and maxi range online at Qasim Yaqoob or La Mosaik. Shop now.

          Qasim Yaqoob Co-Ord Set

          17- Fashion porters

          Fashion Porters is another clothing brand in Pakistan that deliver minimalistic designs of kurtas and 3 pieces suits. These designs include lawn, jacquard, and cotton fabrics. You can adore these dresses on dressy occasions. These are good to go in formal events as well. This brand offers multiple options of plain and decent color in pret wear. Place your order now.

          Fashionporter Unstitched

          18- Panache Apparel

          Panache Apparel offers a unique collection of delicate designs and exquisite embroidered designs. Their catalog comprises ready-made and unstitched apparel that will capture your heart at first glance. Have a look at the catalog and place your order now.

          Panache Ready to Wear

          19- Shahbano

          Are you fond of wearing those dreamy wedding outfits that give you a royal princess look? If your answer is yes, Shahbano is your go-to place. Shahbano is a luxury and bridal wear clothing brand in Pakistan that stuns its audience with fantastic bridal and luxury outfits. It offers a great variety of lehnga choli, bridal maxi designs, Bridal saree, bridal nikkah dresses, and other bridal dress designs. Its bridal collection comprises different fabrics such as chiffon, organza, velvet, crinkle, georgette, and silk.

          Shahbano Luxury Pret

          Shahbano’s bridal collection features multiple options for mehndi, nikkah, barat, and walima. It also provides a wide range of luxury dresses that you can adore at post-wedding dinners and parties. You can easily access the most recent designs launched by Shahbano online and in stores.

          20- Rang Rasiya

          Rang Rasiya is a popular name in the Pakistani fashion industry. It believes that fashion is an expression of self-love and internal beauty. It offers unparalleled designs of 100% pure fabric to give you an affordable choice. Just like other top clothing brands in Pakistan, Rang Rasiya introduces multiple collections every season. It offers formal and semi-formal attires in addition to luxury ones.

          Rang Rasiya Basic Pret

          Moreover, you can get your hands on celebrity designs online. Their collection comprises the most famous designs featuring Iqra Aziz and ayeza khan dresses. So, if you are somebody who loves to adore celebrity-inspired looks or is influenced by them, rang Rasiya is the best place to shop for your dressy and formal events. You can have a bird’s eye view of their collection online as well as in stores now.

          Check them out and add your favorite clothing brands in Pakistan now.