Creating your summer frock designs in 2024 can be fun and playful. In this era of internet and technology, it has become very easy for all of us to get in touch with the fashion world. Social media places like Facebook and Instagram have brought a fashion revolution not only in Pakistan but all around the world. The three major benefits of this revolution are that you can get updated with every new fashion trend with just a few clicks, order your dresses online, and style your dresses according to the latest trends and fashion. Summer season is all flooded with new designs and cuts. Be it the kurta fashion or frock designs in 2024, there is a new edition of all the popular dressing styles in Pakistan and you can easily access them.

New varieties of frocks and kurta designs are introduced every year to bring variation to the previous designs. New designs of embroidery are brought into the limelight to satisfy the demands of fashion freaks. Not only do the color combination change, but the printing techniques and embroidery styles also vary. Lightweight fabrics such as lawns and cotton are turned into magical attires that catch the attention of every eye.

If you are tired of wearing kurtas daily, you can adore frocks. Frock designs in 2024 have become so exciting and diverse that you will immediately get confused while looking at all the designs. The best part is that you can style your frock designs according to your preference, the ongoing fashion trends, and the type of fabric you like.

Key to Perfect Frock Design 2024

The key to perfect frock designs is how you pair up your frocks with different bottoms and the type of occasion to carry your dress. For instance, long pleated frocks turn out to be magical with Capri and fitted bottoms. But for a formal occasion, a trouser will do justice to your summer long frock design. Similarly, for a short frock design, there are multiple options to pair up with. You can style it up with bell-bottom trousers, palazzo pants, straight pants, pleated trousers, or even traditional shalwar depending upon the type of event.

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DIY Frock Designs 2024

Styling your frock can be interesting and exciting if you got a creative mind. If you want to go a step further in styling, unveil your creativity and design your unique style frocks. Here are some DIY Frock design ideas that you would love to style up this summer. Check these out before crafting your design.

1- Color Combination

You might have wondered why your attires look boring after all the styling. The answer to this is the wrong choice of colors. Before you pick up two or three different colors to contrast your frock, do check out the complementary color scheme. Complementary colors give the best and most appealing outcome because their hues synchronize with each other in the best possible way. So, first of all, choose the perfect color combination because this is the decisive step for your DIY frock design 2024

2- Fancy Sleeves

2024 is all about new trends and creative designs. When we talk about embroidery, neck embellishments, and border work has become orthodox thing. The most recent version of embroidered frocks incorporates frock designs with embroidery on sleeves. Fancy sleeves are a new fashion and are getting popularity because of their exceptional diversity. Not only do the sleeves come in various embroidered pattern but the use of minimalistic laces and patches have upgraded the sleeves. Frock designs in 2024 have gained massive hype due to these fancy sleeves.

In addition to the embroidery, different cuts of sleeves give your garments a defined look. The top trending sleeves designs for frocks are bell sleeves, cap sleeves, puff sleeves, and multiple styles of pleated sleeves. So, if you are planning to get a DIY frock design in 2024, you must catch up on the latest sleeve ideas. Pay some attention to your sleeves and you will how amazing the fabric and print will turn out to be. Just simply go for delicate lacework or embroidery. Contrasting threadwork and beadwork can enhance your fabric to impart a luxury look.

3- Embroidered Back

So, once you have decided on an exciting pair of sleeves for your frock design 2024, the next step is to get matching embroidery on the back. You can also add some delicate embellishments to your necklace. Keep the hemline simple and work on the back and neckline to give a younger and chic impression of your persona. Avoid the use of beads and sequins on the back of your frock as it may not be comfortable to carry.

4- Organza and Net Embellishments

If you are tired of ordinary thread embroidery, you must have a look at the patchwork. There are multiple options for embellishments that include organza and net patches. These patches are designed with the use of sequins, tassels, beads, and other motifs. Organza and net patches add a luxury impression to plain and lightweight fabrics such as lawn and cotton.

5- Asymmetrical cuts; Frock Designs 2024

The shaping and construction of your fabric decide the final look of your frock. A well-cut garment is comfortable to wear and looks perfectly synchronized with the body. Instead of the usual cuts, choose a trendy asymmetrical style. Asymmetric designs feature an irregular hemline and an uneven cut giving an interesting and playful. Floral prints in cotton and lawn are best to shape into asymmetrical frock designs in 2024.

So create your frock design 2024 the way you want and get applause for your unique ideas. Visit La Mosaik for the latest trends and designs online. Shop now.