Pakistan is a land of culture and is known for the rich heritage that its ancestors gave it. It passed through multiple eras and each civilization left its own culture here. It is the fusion of all those cultures that we see today as Pakistan culture. Among other art forms that showcase this culture, chikankari secures a significant place. This art took its birth in Lucknow and has become a popular part of fashion in Pakistan as well. The most famous manifestation of this technique is our evergreen chikankari suits that have their elegance and style. These exquisite chikankari suits are the heartthrob of Pakistani girls due to their timeless fashion and handcrafted design.

Pakistani women love to adore chikankari suits in all seasons and even at festive events. These suits are simple yet elegant and represent a neat impression of anyone who wears it. The versatility of these suits is the reason that they get hyped every year and outshine every other design in the market. These ethnic suits are easy to style and maintain as well. You can style these dresses in both Eastern and Western ways. For example, you can get them stitched into a stylish kurta or a formal maxi, or a flowy frock. These are mostly available in plain colors but designers are striving to bring out some printed chikankari suits as well. Before moving on to the details of the chikankari suit and its latest designs, let us have a look at the technique of embroidery and its cultural significance in the country.

Yellow Chikankari Pret

What is Chikankari?

Chikankari is an art that is a treasure of Pakistan. It dates back to the old Mughal era when clothing was not a mere coveting for your body but also a symbol of your status and money. It is a famous embroidery technique that is used to create intricate designs of embroidery on fabric. These designs are incorporated into the fabric neatly and make the fabric luxurious. Floral and geometric designs are created by the use of fine thread. Mostly same color tread is used on the fabric and a 3D effect is created on chikankari suits. The success of these designs lies in the hands of skilled craftsmen who work intensely to craft these designs by using different stitches. Chikankari technique is well known for its fine quality and smooth finish.

Multiple types of fabrics are used to craft these designs. For the summer season, lawn and cotton are most commonly used to incorporate floral and geometric designs on them. For festive wear, the most suitable fabric is chiffon and georgette. However, some designs of silk also feature this type of traditional embroidery. But these silk attires are not purely traditional. They are a tinge of traditional designs and modish demands of customers.

Cultural Significance of Chikankari Suits

Chikankari suits are not just a piece of clothing for Pakistanis, they are deeply rooted in our traditions and are an integral part of our regional culture. This is because they showcase our heritage and the hard work of our skilled artisans. They represent Pakistani art to the international world and foster a sense of pride for us.  Wearing these suits allows Pakistani people to adore their culture and preserve it the way they want. In a nutshell, chikankari suits have become a cultural identity in addition to a versatile fashion. Modern adaptations include experimentation with different hues and fabrics and a fusion of traditional and modern demands to reshape it into something innovative yet equally fashionable.

Due to their cultural significance, you can wear them on any occasion. However, you must know how to style them. Be it a school function or a college trip, a friend’s picnic or a family outing, a wedding or a formal gathering, a birthday party, or an office lunch, you can style yourself into a plain chikankari suit and rock. Don’t forget to accessorize your chikankari dresses with some matching lightweight jewelry such as a chain or studs. Depending upon the type of gathering, match contrasting footwear that blends your presence in the gathering. For function, pair your chikankari outfit with a pair suitable heels if not with traditional khussa to elevate your final look. Because style is what you choose and what suits your personality!

Coral Bouguet Unstitched Chikankari Suit

Where to Find your Favorite Chikankari Suits?

If you are a fan of these chikankari suits, you must get some pretty ones to add to your wardrobe and make your summer season exciting and fashionable. La mosaik has assembled the most appealing designs of chikankari suits that are fully embroidered. These suits are designed on lightweight and breathable fabric to assist you in the hot season. Lawn and cotton are used to create these dazzling embroidered designs with the help of chikankari art.

Our collection is based on a huge diversity of colors and designs. From light and soft colors to bright and funky shades, we got you covered. The designs include multiple types of patterns such as floral, geometric, and other designs. These minimalistic designs are a perfect treat for you this summer season. So what are you waiting for? Add these to your cart and style them the way you like.

You can shop fancy chikankari kurtas, 2 pc, and 3 pc unstitched chikankari suits as well. In addition to the unstitched variety, there is a huge diversity of designs in the pret collection. The top-rated pret designs include the chikankari Co-ord sets that feature different cuts and styles. The traditional shalwar kameez chikankari suits are a must-have to your wardrobe as they will amplify your love for the culture and the way you express it. Don't forget to pair your plain chikankari outfits with a multicolored dupatta and matching shoes.

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