Khussa is a staple footwear in Pakistan. This is because it represents the culture and traditions of Pakistan. Special care is taken while manufacturing Pakistani khussa. You see a wide variety of techniques that are used in the process of designing these shoes. In addition to the machine work, Pakistani artisans and craftsmen express their skills by designing the unique styles of this cultural footwear. They create their own designs. They stitch the khussa shoes at home and then embellish them with their art.

In areas like Multan, many female workers are also employed in vocational centers where they not only learn this art but also express it to earn their bread and butter. The intensive hard work that is required in hand embroidery makes it worth purchasing. Pakistani khussa are characterized by intricate designs of embroidery with the use of motifs, sequins, tassels, and beads. Colorful threads are used to create texture and design. In addition to the embroidered khussa, there is a wide variety of printed and plain khussa designs.

The Essence of Pakistani Khussa

Khussa shoes can be carried anywhere. They add a classic look to your trendy attires making you look more familiar with the culture. Due to the versatility of Pakistani khussa shoes, you see people wearing them at almost every function. Be it a wedding or a formal gathering, khussa is the ultimate choice to carry. This is not only due to the variety of designs but also due to the level of comfort, it provides you with. It is easy to carry and manage as compared to other footwear. Moreover, it is an all-rounder as you can wear it in both summer and winter.

Pakistani Khussa Styles

Our traditional Pakistani khussa shoes come in a variety of styles and designs. The latest designs that are trending top in the market include the velvet khussa, printed khussa, silk khussa, hand-embroidered khussa and so many others to name. Velvet khussa designs include diverse and appealing designs to wear at weddings and functions. This category of khussa is a perfect choice for brides as well. These khussa are specially designed with soft cushions inside them to make them more comfortable.  You can wear them at cultural events as well.

For daily use, plain leather khussa or printed khussa is the best choice. Leather khussa designs also include very light, delicate tilla embroidery on the borders of the Khussa. They are perfect for everyday use such as in universities, and offices. Printed khussa come in colorful designs ad prints. You can match your lawn attire with colorful prints to make your summers more exciting.

Types of embroidery on Pakistan khussa

Khussa embroidery is an art and this art requires highly skilled artisans. Pakistani khussa shoes are designed with versatile techniques of embroidery that require intense hard work and time. Each technique has a unique design and style. Here are some popular types of khussa embroidery that are used in Pakistan.

  1. Sitara Embroidery:

Sitara embroidery is a well-known art of embroidery on Pakistani khussa shoes. Although it can be accomplished by machines, skilled artisans still use hand-stitching to get matchless outcomes. In this technique, they create various designs of embroidery by using mirrors. Small reflective pieces of mirrors are neatly secured with silk or some other threads on the khussa. These mirror designs include a variety of geometric patterns. The thread matches or compliments the base color of khussa. In addition to the reflective mirrors, beads, sequins, and thread embroidery is also a part of Sitara embroidery on Pakistani khussa.

Sitara Embroidery

  1. Zardozi embroidery:

Zardozi embroidery is an old tradition that comes from Persian times and is now a part of Asian culture. The use of metallic threads, sequins, and beads is the specialty of this embroidery. Gold or silver wire is used to craft intricate designs and patterns on Pakistani khussa. Small pieces of wire are used to weave the thread around them with the use of a needle. This creates a 3D impression giving the khussa a beautiful texture. This type of embroidery is mainly a part of the luxury and festive wear of khussa shoes. It is also applicable to creating appealing and colorful floral designs.

Zardozi embroidery

  1. Karchobi Embroidery:

This is another amazing type of embroidery that you will see on Pakistani Khussa. It also incorporates the use of metal threads to create different prints. Highly skilled labor is required to create these types of embroidery designs on khussa shoes.

Karchobi Embroidery

  1. Phulkari Embroidery:

As the name indicates, Phulkari embroidery is a technique of flower work. Vibrant colors, catchy floral patterns, and appealing texture is the specialty of phulkari embroidery. Colorful threads are stitched to make unique patterns, floral designs, and animals. This technique requires intensive labor and hard work. It is a traditional art used to embellish Pakistani khussa.

Phulkari Embroidery

  1. Aari Embroidery:

It is also known as tambour embroidery. You will see pretty designs of aari work on Pakistani khussa. It involves the use of a hook to create a chain stitch. This skill requires a lot of time and energy but it promises exceptional and unparalleled results.

Aari Embroidery

  1. Gota Patti Embroidery:

Gota patti is another beautiful technique that is used to craft matchless designs on Pakistani khussa shoes. This involves the use of colorful ribbons and strips to create designs. It is a traditional design that comes from Rajasthan. This khussa design is perfect to carry with bright summer ensembles.

Gota Patti Embroidery

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