Fashion and styling are always incomplete without some traditional touch to them. Culturally rich Asian fashion incorporates its customs and traditions in it. Pakistan is also enriched with noble cultural practices in the fashion industry. Fashion articles like khussa designs, lawn prints, Ajraks, and even jewelry are designed keeping in view our traditions and customs. The most celebrated of all these is our Pakistani khussa.

Pakistani khussa is known for its quality, versatility, creativity, and art all over the globe. It is not only footwear but also a manifestation of all the colors of Pakistani culture. Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, and Peshawari khussa designs are famous worldwide. However, the process of khussa designing is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. It takes a lot of hard work to design your desired khussa before sending it to the market for sale. These unparalleled khussa designs are designed by skilled artisans. These craftsmen are highly trained and creative. They bring out unique and extraordinary designs of khussa that you see in the market.

Handcrafted Embroidered Khussas

Process of Crafting Khussa Designs

Khussa shoes can also be crafted and manufactured by machines but the hand-crafted khussa designs are matchless. They exceed our expectations of the designs, quality, and structure of khussa. This is the reason why hand-embroidered khussa designs earn more praise in every khussa collection. The process of khussa making is an art that can only work if the artisan is creative and skilled enough. Skill without art is of no use. To create diversity in the designs, creative workers are required. These craftsmen design different designs that match your outfits and make them noticeable.

Before coming to your favorite shoe brands and footwear shops, this traditional footwear passes through a number of steps. Their long journey has the following steps

  • Selection of leather
  • Shaping of leather
  • Designing and embroidery
  • Stitching
  • Finishing
  • Maintenance

Let us have a sneak peek at the Journey into the Craftsmanship of Pakistani Shoe-Makers.

1- Selection of the Right Leather

The foremost step to crafting your favorite khussa designs is the selection of the right leather. In most cases, goat or buffalo leather is used to design khussa. Its quality is checked and approved before moving to the next step.

2- Shaping of Leather

After selecting the right type of leather it is then cut. The size charts are kept in mind and standard sizes are cut and shaped by the use of a leather cutter. This leather is softened with the help of wooden tools that help it to mold easily into the desired shape. Special care is taken in this step to create the perfect foot shape.

3- Designing and Embroidery

This step is responsible for all these attractive khussa designs and colors that you add to your wardrobe. After shaping the leather, artisans begin styling the upper part of this traditional footwear. This can be done by a huge number of techniques of embroidery. First, they decide on the color combinations for the khussa. Then threads are selected keeping in view the type of embroidery. There are multiple types of embroidery designs that include zardozi, gota patti, karchobi, and others. They are created by thread ad needle. These khussa designs also use metallic wires to create 3-dimensional effects on the khussa.

The craftsmen create unique and intricate designs on every khussa design. Designs like floral embroidery, geometric patterns, mirrorwork, metalwork, and ribbon work are the most loved ones. These designs include the use of sequins, reflective mirrors, motifs, beads, and pearls. These embellishments create spell-casting patterns that hypnotize every eye. The embroidery is mostly accomplished by hand which consumes a lot of time and hard work. However, the results are worth it.

In addition to the embroidery, there are multiple types of fabrics that become a part of your khussa. These include velvet, silk, chiffon, and other similar stuff. The printed fabric is also used to craft colorful designs of khussa that match your outfits easily. These types of fabrics are embellished in detail to create luxury khussa designs and festive wear.

4- Stitching

Now that the designs are finalized and the embroidery is completed, the next step is to stitch the sole with the upper part of the khussa. It is done with the help of a needle and thread. The stitching requires skilled hands and ample concentration. The leather or rubber sole is also beautified by some complementary designs that match the embroidery of khussa. Along with this the color combination of the sole and embroidery are also designed to look stunning together.


In the final finishing, the craftsmen add a small heel under the sole to balance the shoe. In addition to this, a soft inner lining is also added to ease our feet. This soft cushioning is a plus point that makes this footwear comfy and easy to walk with.


After the completion of the khussa design, it is checked for its quality before sending it to the market for sale. These shoes are packed carefully to ensure safe transport and handling before reaching the customers.

Where to get these Amazing Khussa Designs?

You might wonder how much patience, time, and skill is required to design one pair of khussa shoes that becomes the beauty of your wardrobe. This makes it significant footwear. You can buy your stylish and fashionable khussa designs online ad in stores now. There are a great number of brands that offer premium quality khussa shoes in catchy price ranges. Some of these brands include On My Way (OMY), Saheliyan, and La Mosaik. These brands ensure the quality of the leather they deliver.

You can check out all these hand-embroidered khussa designed in the latest khussa catalog of La Mosaik. There is a huge variety of plain, printed, and embroidered khussa shoes that you will love to add to your shoe collection. What are you waiting for? Shop now.