All of us are well aware of the versatility of lawn fabric. Other types of fabrics can never match their qualities. Due to this, it is the most sold fabric in the summer season. Lawn is undoubtedly the best fabric to beat the beat in hot weather conditions. Your summer lawn dress goes through different manufacturing techniques before it reaches your wardrobe.

It is made lightweight and soft but the fibers are strong enough to make it durable during harsh climate conditions. Air can easily circulate in this fabric and the ultimate result is that no heat gets trapped in your attire. This gives you a cool sensation in your summer lawn dress. In addition to this, you can style your summer lawn dress in Eastern and Western clothing styles.

History of Lawn Fabric

Your favorite summer lawn dress has an interesting history that dates back to British reign in the subcontinent. During British Rule, they introduced cotton production in the subcontinent by the 20th century. The main purpose of starting this production here was to satisfy the high demand for cotton production for the textile industry back in Britain. For this, they invested a huge amount of money in this area to produce cotton on large scale.

In addition to this, they established large-scale textile mills and cotton farms associated with them. The cotton production in the subcontinent got a sudden hype. This exponential rise of cotton production in the region gave rise to a variety of fabrics. One of the best consequences of cotton production was lawn fabric.

Evolution of Lawn Fabric

Lawn fabric has evolved a lot in the past decades since its introduction in the subcontinent. Initially, this fabric was used to design male clothes like men’s shirts and kurtas. Over time, it evolved and became famous among ladies as well. The demand for summer lawn dresses was raised when ladies adopted Western clothing styles in the 1950s and 60s. Because this fabric was considered one of the most affordable fabrics in the subcontinent.

Secondly, it was highly compatible with the harsh weather of the subcontinent. So instead of heavy traditional dresses, they became the most popular choice. Other traditional and royal fabrics like chiffon and silk were replaced with catchy lawn dresses. This proved beneficial owing to the hot and humid climate in the area.

Manufacture of Summer Lawn Dresses in Pakistan

Lawn fabric created hype in Pakistan in the 1970s when Pakistan began to manufacture its lawn dresses. Pakistani textile industry got stable enough to craft original and extraordinary designs of summer lawn dresses. Unique prints were designed keeping in view the fashion trends of that era. Our textile industry did a lot of experiments with the design, colors, prints, and even embellishment in hope of creating the best designs.

All these amazing experiments proved very beneficial and successful. It resulted in the refinement of lawn fabric. The quality of lawn fabric improved over time as new techniques came into the manufacturing process. This journey earned lawn fabric a great repute and made it distinct from all other types of fabrics, especially for the summer season.

With the increase in the quality of lawn fabric, various brands stepped into the fashion industry. These brands are still trending top n the Pakistani fashion market to craft the best quality lawn dresses for you. Popular names like Muneeb Nawaz and Maria B. started crafting their own summer lawn dress designs.

These brands and fashion designers worked day and night to bring innovation to the prints. They not only introduced casual prints of lawn dresses but also designed a great variety of awn dresses for dressy occasions. This led to the creation of unique and pretty designs of lawn dresses that were following global trends. With this advancement, lawn fabric became the number one fabric to wear in the summer season. 

Transformation of Summer Lawn Dresses

With technological innovation, summer lawn outfits have evolved a lot. This transformed the entire lawn industry. Lawn suits have become more accessible due to cheaper production techniques. The introduction of digital printing has made it way easier to craft intricate patterns and designs on the fabric. Complex designs and prints are printed on lawn fabric.

Paste printing is another famous technique that is used to design both casual and luxury printed lawn suits. Not only this but also the variety of embroidery has increased a lot. The use of sequins, pearls, beads, and even tassels on summer lawn dresses is a common practice now. Organza and net laces and patches are a part of modern-day lawn outfits. 

The tremendous growth of lawn fabric and its design in Pakistan has made it affordable to wear. Today, not only Pakistan produces summer lawn outfits at the local level but also international level. Our top Pakistani fashion designers and brands are producing the best quality Lawn dresses that are exported from Pakistan all over the world.

Modern Summer Lawn Dresses

Modern summer lawn designs are a blend of eastern and western clothing styles. These trends keep on changing every year. We can get our summer lawn dresses of all types from these brands. Be it a casual summer day or a dressy event in hot weather, you can find summer lawn designs of all types online and in stores. The top designs of lawn dresses include kurtas, 2 pc, and 3pc lawn dresses. In addition to this, the printed lawn co-ord sets are a new fashion hype this year.

The history and evolution of lawn fabric indicate how significant this fabric has become over the past couple of decades. From a foreign fabric to the local and most designed fabric, lawn design has evolved alit. Today you can easily find all types of designs, prints, and color combinations for your summer lawn dress. Check out the most recent colors and designs of printed and embroidered lawn suits online at La Mosaik. Shop your favorites now.