Khussa is a popular footwear in Pakistan that is known for its cultural significance and beauty. This unique footwear is an essential part of Pakistani heritage and people of Pakistan love to adore it casually and on festive occasions. Khussa shoes are not only made for women but men also wear khussa shoes casually and formally. It is also a part of the groom’s footwear collection. However, girls and women are fond of this pretty footwear to the next level. The best thing about this footwear is that it provides comfort and style simultaneously. It is designed in a huge range of color combinations and padded with soft cushions to keep your feet at ease.

If you are someone, who can’t wear heels, you can style up in a fascinating khussa. They not only provide ease to your feet but also add a statement to your attire. These shoes are designed by skilled artisans of Pakistan who burn their midnight oil to craft such pretty designs for fashion freaks. These days, a huge number of Pakistan footwear brands have come up with their khussa catalogs to satisfy the demands of their customers. These brands offer khussa shoes at affordable prices and have made it much easier to shop the latest khussa design online.

The Origin of khussa shoes

The term ‘khussa’ comes from a Persian word, ‘khassa’ that means traditional and pure. This name is a manifestation of the cultural heritage of the region. Khussa shoes in Pakistan are designed in Multan mainly. Multani khussa is famous for its craftsmanship and quality. However, this traditional footwear is now designed all over Pakistan and is easily accessible to everyone in the country.

The history of this contemporary footwear dates back to the Mughal era. It is said that the inspiration to design this traditional footwear came from the footwear of Central Asian and Persian nobles. They used to wear shoes with pointed toes similar in shape to khussa shoes. These shoes were usually worn by the members of the royal court and the royal family. However, with the passage of time, they became popular among the masses as well. Khussa shoes evolved over time and turned into a significant part of the culture in the subcontinent.

Cultural Significance of Khussa Shoes in Pakistan

The cultural importance of khussa shoes has made it an essential part of every wardrobe. They are a perfect choice for all kinds of events. Be it a wedding or a festival or a traditional celebration, khussa shoes are your go-to shoes. They are seen as a symbol of status and nobility. The choice of your khussa shoes depicts your personal taste.

Variety of Traditional khussa shoes

Traditional Pakistani khussa shoes incorporate various designs that have earned fame due to their intricate designs, craftsmanship, and quality. These designs are versatile and you can wear them with multiple outfits. The most famous designs include multicolored khussa and embroidered khussa with motifs on it. These are good to pair up with multiple outfits. Some of the most beautiful designs of Pakistani khussa are listed below.

1- Leather Khussa

Leather khussa is the most commonly used khussa that girls love to wear casually. It can also be worn to formal places. They come in different designs that include plain and embroidered ones. Embroidery details include golden and silver thread embroidery that enhances the overall shoes. In addition to this, you will find a variety of other embroidery patterns such as floral and geometric ones on these shoes.

Caramel Leather Khussa

2- Velvet Khussa

Velvet khussa is used on festive occasions. These khussa shoes come in all colors and designs. If you want to bring some variation to your velvet khussa, go for printed or embroidered designs. Embroidered designs are embellished with sequins, delicate thread work, and lace work. Some designs include the use of cultural motifs that fascinate these shoes way more.

Black Velvet Khussa Shoes

3- Silk Khussa

Silk khussa is made of raw silk fabric. The top is decorated with captivating beads. Silk khussa shoes give a lustrous and appealing finish that makes your attire attractive. Silk khussa is also an essential part of bridal wardrobe due to its premium quality and neat shiny finish.

4- Printed Khussa

If you are tired of plain khussa, opt for printed khussa shoes. These shoes are made of raw silk and give a trendy look to your feet. You can select prints that match your dresses. These are mostly used at informal places, but can also be a good option to go with at formal places.

5- Embroidered khussa

There is an endless variety of embroidered khussa shoes that are available online and in stores. These are best to use on dressy occasion. In addition to this, these shoes are a good replacement if heels and stilettos. Adore them with your luxury dress and rock at your most awaited functions because there is no replacement for the comfort and style that this footwear provides your feet.

Lotus Embroidered Khussa

Where to get your ethnic khussa shoes online?

Being a Pakistani, it is very easy for you to get your hands on your favorite khussa shoes online. These shoes are accessible at different online stores. Owing to the demands of the Pakistani masses, top shoe brands in Pakistan are working on the versatility of designs of this traditional footwear. Some of the most popular brands that are manufacturing high-quality Khussa shoes include OMY, Saheliyan, and EPISODE 09.

These brands deliver premium quality khussa shoes in different kinds of stuff. Whether you want to buy a velvet khussa or a leather khussa, a silk one or a plain khussa, a printed khussa or an embroidered one, these brands got you covered. They design the most beautiful shapes that fit into your feet and make them way more adorable and prettier. To shop your favorite designs online, check out the latest catalog of khussa shoes at La Mosaik and find the top designs of popular shoes brands in Pakistan.