Asia is all about cultures and traditions. This region has a rich cultural heritage that passes over to the next generation with the original essence. Among all other parts of Asia, Pakistan owns a diverse history of ethnicities that are still a part of today’s fashion world. These traditions have been updated now and then with the change in fashion but their roots are still intact. Pakistani weddings are the true manifestation of our culture and customs. Starting from the wedding dresses for girls, music, and celebrations to the décor and event themes, you see a bloom of colors representing the heritage of Pakistan.

Pakistani people love to adore heavy dresses at weddings. They are fond of embracing multicolored dresses that fit best with these occasions. Be it a bachelor’s party, mayon, mehndi, barat, or walima day, the bloom of colors is permanent. Not only the bride but the other guests and hosts wear captivating and heavily embroidered colorful dresses that catch your attention at a single glance. However, the most exciting thing about these attires is that the choice becomes wider and we get more options to wear at Pakistani weddings.

If you are planning to attend a wedding or you are going to wed in the shortly won’t have to stick to just the usual one or two options. Here are the top 10 wedding dress ideas that are trending top in 2024.

1- Lehenga Choli; Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dress for Girls

If you are someone who loves those aesthetic wedding photoshoots and heavy cultural dresses, lehenga choli dresses are for you. These types of wedding dresses for girls have a greater margin of styling but they portray the best impression when styled in a classic look. These days, velvet, silk, chiffon, georgette, organza, and many other types of lehenga choli dresses are trending top in wedding wear. Different types of embroidery and motifs are used to decorate these ensembles. 2024 comes up with a tinge of modish designs in lehenga choli designs.

You might have seen Instagram pictures of celebrity-inspired dresses. They present a trendy edition of our cultural lehenga dresses to make it more thrilling. For the latest designs, you can check out the bridal collection of different brands and designers online. La Mosaik has assembled the most popular wedding dresses of famous Pakistani brands. Check them out online.

Bridal Lehenga Choli Dress

2- Gharara and Sharara Dresses: Cultural Wedding Dress

Gharara or sharara is a traditional Pakistani dress that accompanies a short kurta-style shirt with a pair of embellished wide-legged pants. Various kinds of embroidery patterns are used to craft unique designs on chiffon, silk, velvet, and organza. The use of metallic wires, mirrors, beads, pearls, sequins, ribbons, laces, and threads makes them versatile. White sharara or ghara dresses are the best choices to wear at the nikkah ceremony. Not only can girls adore this dress but also it is a favorite design for older ladies. Bridal sharara dresses are most commonly carried n mehndi or nikkah. Raw silk gharara dresses with funky colors and delicate mirrorwork look best on the mehndi function.


3- Frocks and Maxi Dresses: Forever in Style

Maxi is an evergreen dressing style for weddings that provides greater options to style with. Pakistani wedding maxi dresses include various cuts and styles such as pleated maxi, front open maxi dresses, layered maxi, and many other designs. In addition to the maxi dresses, Anarkali frocks, and other full-length frocks are always a good choice. 2024 comes with royal designs of tailed long frocks and maxi dresses. These maxi dresses have a dreamy long back that is either frilled or embroidered with different techniques. You can adore these maxi dresses on your big day to add a dramatic touch to your memorable day.

Bridal Maxi Dress

4- Saree Dresses: Royal Fashion at Weddings

Saree is considered as a boss lady wedding dress for girls because it completely redefines your looks and upgrades your fashion statement. Bridal saree dresses in Pakistani are heavily embroidered with beadwork and intricate designs of mirrorwork. Whether you are a bride or a guest, you can drape a saree at any function at a wedding. For a mendi, you can go with a plain or printed silk sari. For barat, you can select embroidered saree made of organza or chiffon. Walima goes perfectly with a pastel shade of a decent saree having a minimalistic design. Check out the designer saree collection at La Mosaik.

Dark Green Saree

5- Peplums: Voguish Wedding Dress for Girls

Peplums are a fusion of desi and modern dressing dresses. It comprises a short yet fitted top that is paired with a flowy long skirt and a dupatta. These types of dresses impart a voguish impression because they can be styled into Western looks as well. They give you a complete desi margin as well. Silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, and many other fabrics are used to design these peplums. Mirrorwork and beadwork are essential parts of these dresses. They come with cancan or frilled layers. So, next time if you want to adore something unique and out of the box, go ahead to buy a pretty peplum dress complimenting the event.

Bridal Luxury Peplum

Latest Wedding Dresses for Girls

All these top trending designs of wedding dresses for girls are available online and in stores at different brands. However, to make your shopping experience easier and more satisfying, La Mosaik has assembled a diverse collection of wedding dresses. All these dresses are designer made and have premium quality. You can find the latest cuts and fabric types in this catalog. There is a huge variety of maxi dresses that range from pastels and neutrals to bright and subtle designs.

Lehenga choli designs include our famous traditional Pakistani embroidered designs. In addition to this, net, organza, velvet, chiffon, and georgette wedding dresses for girls are live now. You can visit the catalog online and fill your cart with the most exciting dresses. Place your orders now. Don’t forget to check the size charts.