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Jewelry always makes a woman look gorgeous. It always adds a sense of contentment and charm to her personality. The choice of jewelry defines our fashion sense. Women are conscious of the selection of jewelry for their formal and informal functions. Among all other jewelry pieces, mala is considered a noble piece to wear at functions. It is also more of an antique and traditional part of jewelry that glorifies every persona to the next level. Why not choose a stunning and unique look this time at your most awaited functions? Pair up your plain dresses with the classy vintage Afghani style necklace and look more traditional.

Our Mala Designs  

Buy yourself a fabulous mala necklace and redefine your fashion statement. Now you don’t have to worry about the variety of mala. However, we have launched a refined collection of the latest designs of necklaces that you can buy at the most affordable price. Here you go with the fabulous collection of our mala designs.
  1. Vintage Afghani mala necklace
  2. Vintage Afghani stone mala necklace
  3. Indian blue sapphire mala (semi-precious)
  4. Afghani antique mala
  5. Antique necklace
  6. Bluestone mala
  7. Old coin silver and gold mala
  8. Ruby, emerald pearl necklace
  9. Afghani antique gold mala
Why choose us?
You are just one step away. Choose your fashion piece and shop with La Mosaik. Because we never compromise on quality. We aim to deliver the best quality product and satisfy our customers first hand. You can order your mala necklace online and receive your order at your doorstep.

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